Karlovy Vary is one of the most famous spa resorts of western Bohemia. Located only 130 km from Prague and 60 km from the German border, Karlovy Vary is reknowned for its healing waters, picturesque nature, splendid 18th century architecture, numerous hotels and spas that organically blend into the surrounding landscape. According to legend, the first healing spring was discovered in 14th century by Charles IV while he was hunting. The hounds of the Emperor were chasing a deer which had been wounded by the king's own spear. The deer was about to fall prey to one of the dogs when a miracle happened- after falling into a small lake, the deer, seemingly rejuvinated with new strength, easily outran its hunters. The astonished Emperor tasted this miraculous warm water and ordered the founding of a town on its spot - subsequently named after him - where he and his court came to improve their health.

Karlovy Vary has been visited by many of the prominent people of their day: Shiller, Kafka, Bach, and numerous European aristocrats. Goether liked the town a lot and spent 13 seasons there.

Peter the Great was the first to introduce the tradition of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary to the Russians, followed later by numerous other famous countrymen, such as, Gogol, Chaikovsky, Turgenev.

The Healing waters of Karlovy Vary

For people who come to the resort, treatment is simple yet effective: drink mineral water and keep a proper diet. The total number of the hot springs in the town itself and its surroundings is 132, but only 12 are used for treatment.

It is best to drink the water directly from the spring itself as the healing properties of the water last only few hours.

The most famous spring is Shprudel - water from this source is extremely hot (75oC/167oF) and contains 6,5 gr of salts per liter. Karlovy Vary's world famous salt is drawn from this spring.

Cultural events in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is not only famous for its healing strings, comfortable spas and hotels but also for its rich cultural life. Each year at the beginning of July Karlovy Vary hosts the International Film Festival and in the autumn, the "Dvorak's autumn" music festival. Aside from these events, visitors can enjoy numerous cultural events- concerts, exhibitions, evenings of music, which Karlovy Vary has on offer throughout the year

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