Karlstein was initially built not only as one of the many royal residences, but as a holding area for the safekeeping of the royal treasures, especially King Charles IV's collection of holy relics and coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. The founder of Karstein, King Charles IV, the most famous or all Czech kings, was also the Emporer of the Holy Roman Empire, and referred to as the "father of the nation". In 1355 - only a short sever years after construction began in 1348 - the castle was ready to welcome the king with his numerous courtiers. Even the Great tower, one of its most dominant elements was also completed. Along with, the decoration of one of the most remarkable interiors, the Chapel of Holy Cross. In the 14th century this chapel became a storage area for the safekeeping of one of the most precious European crowns, the crown of the Holy Roman Emporer. The castle's present appearance is the result of the last restoration was undertaken in the 19th century. Replicas of the coronation treasures can be found in the Marian tower.

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