Castle Krsivoklat, which was build in the late, gothic style, towards the end of the thirteenth century fortress is situated in the picturesque in the Berounka river valley. Although originally it served as a hunting lodge for royalty, today the castle serves as a museum. A number of the interiors have been historically recreated, such as the chapel, the library, the portray gallery, as well as the torture cells. The Silver room and the Hall of Knights were converted into a museum and display collections of late Gothic paintings and sculptures.

In 1929 the family of Fuerstenberg sold their estate together with the castle Krivoklat to the Czechoslovak state. The estate and especially its brewery were utilized till the middle of the fifties. By the sixties it became obvious that the castle was in need of repair; from the seventies to the present it has been under constant reconstruction. During this time, a number of archeological excavations have been undertaken.

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