Beroun is one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back more than 800 years. The remains of the city wall, which protected the city since the 12th century, is one of its most significant landmark.

For years tourist have been attracted to the historic monuments, rich cultural heritage, and wonderful nature of this royal city, which is situated in the picturesque valleys, where the rivers Berounka and Litavka flow.

The earliest recorded evidence of the city can be found in historic chronicles which date back as far as 1265. It was during the rule of Carl IV (one of the most significant Czech kings, whose influence can be compared with the Russian czar Peter the Great), that the city of Beroun flourished and became famous for its artisanry, in pottery as well as wine makers and brewers. The city also began to draw wealthy inhabitants, many of whom were of Germanic origin.

The region of Beroun is a true discovery for those who like history and architecture. Karlstein and Krsivoklat- are two of the most famous castles of the Czech Republic that are situated here. ( more details can be found on the web page)

Recnetly Beroun has enjoyed a surge in it's modern development, which has been particularly visible in the last ten years.

Many well-to-do Prague inhabitants, who do not want to live in the hustle and bustle of the big city anymore, have been moving to cottages in the vicinity of Prague. Consequently Prague's suburbs extend to 30 kilometers outside its city limits and continues to widen with new cottages and blocks of flats.

According to the Czech media, Beroun is the leader among cites that enjoy steady investments and high standard of living

Unique climate

As Beroun was never industrialised, today it benefits from its wonderful, natural surroundings, which include pristine and picturesque pine and fir tree covered hills.

14 kilometers from Prague

Prague is easily accessible, it takes approximately only 10 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bus to reach the nearest metro station on the city's network.

The town for sports fans

Beroun offers a plethora of venues to enjoy sport activities. Among others it has: an ice rink with its own hockey team, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, open stadiums, swimming pools, several squash, fitness centers as wll as a recently opened modern aquapark. The city's mood for sports is particularly influenced by XXX XXX, a celebrated Czech athlete, who is now a prosperous resident of Beroun

An expensive town

In the last three years real estate prices have increased by 200%

Factors for this sharp rise has to do with its exceptionally clean air, resulting from the city's industrial-free surroundings, as well as its shopping centres, tourism, proximity to Prague and abundance of historical attractions; all of which make it a highly-regarded and fast-growing community.

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